Cape Town Surfski Series 2014 - 2015

Race Rules:

The following rules apply to the Cape Town Surfski Series:


  • All paddlers must register & pay the required entry fee for each race they choose to participate in. 
  • All paddlers will be required to accurately complete & sign a series registration form and sign the necessary indemnity
  • All competitors are required to display sponsors branding/decals on surfski's & paddles as required by the race organizers. Failure to do so will result in the competitors' disqualification
    • Each paddler shall wear a sponsor’s kit if required
    • Personal sponsorship is allowed, but must be cleared with the race organizer before hand
    • Personal sponsor's are reserved for: 
      • On the back the surfski
      • On the side of the surfski behind the front cockpit
      • On the back of paddle blade, provided it doesn't cover any part of the series sponsors' stickers
  • Prizes - We hope to have  a mixture of cash and product prizes from our sponsors at each race. This will depend entirely on race organizers. .
  • Junior is a person under 18 years of age
  • Anyone may help paddlers repair skis, provided no unfair advantage is gained: e.g. on a boat moving forward, while repairing a ski
  • Any competitor who rides in the wake of a motorised craft will be disqualified
  • Any competitor who gains an unfair advantage through unsportsmanlike behaviour will be disqualified
  •  A time limit and distance may be announced at the race organiser's discretion
  • A race briefing will take place 5 minutes before the start of the race to confirm the race course, safety and any other relevant issues. It is the paddlers' responsibility to ensure that they attend race briefings. No responsibility will be accepted by the organizers for non-attendance
  • Starting procedures and times will be announced at the Race Briefing
  • Finish will be between two flags on the beach and paddlers must cross the finish line with their craft (Doubles include both paddlers)
  • The onus is on the paddler to ensure that the timekeepers have registered their number
  • All competitors must cross the finish line or advise the organizers that they have withdrawn from the event. If the organizers are required to institute a search for any competitor who has not crossed the finish line or advised the organizers of their withdrawal, the cost of the search will be borne by the competitor
  • Craft must be removed from the finish line immediately after paddlers' numbers have been recorded
  • The Race Organiser or water Marshal or Medic may decide whether a competitor should be prevented from starting,or continuing the race at any time
  • If wind speed exceeds 25 knots at half an hour before the scheduled start, the race course could be altered and the start delayed or race cancelled
  • Any competitor who does not follow the prescribed race course on the day will be disqualified


  • Wearing of lifejackets (PFD), leashes and cell phones or flares is compulsory.  No PDF = No Paddle
  • Your surfski must be in good working condition
  • All skis must be presented for inspection at the pre-race briefing
  • Your cellphones must have the Race Organiser's number - to be handed out at race briefing and NSRI number 021-449-3500 saved
  • Any competitor who does not comply with safety requirements will be disqualified