Race Rules 

The following rules apply for all the events that fall under Cape Town Surfski Series:

1. The race is an open international event.

2. Two types of craft, double and single surf skis, are permitted. The contest will be in two sections:

A: Individual – for single surf skis.
B: Double – for double surf skis.
C: Age Groups

Junior < 16 yrs as of 1 January, Senior 18-39, Veteran 40-49, Master 50+
The first/last year in which a competitor can compete in a particular age group is the calendar year in which his/her birthday falls.

For Junior Paddlers Only: Age at 1 January determines your Category, IE <18 on 1 January. Juniors U16 as of 1 January, may ONLY take part in a Double. Juniors U18 as of 1 January, may take part in a single. NO Juniors under the age of 15 on date of the Race may take part.

Anyone may help paddlers repair skis, provided no unfair advantage is gained: e.g. on a boat moving forward, while repairing a ski.
Wearing of lifejackets (PFD), leashes and cell phone or flare is compulsory. 

Competitors not starting in his allocated group will be penalised 10min.

There will be no refunds should the race be cancelled.

Personal sponsor's logo are reserved for:
i. On the back of the surf ski
ii. On the side of the surf ski behind the front cockpit.
iii. On the back of the paddle blade, provided it doesn’t cover any part of the sponsor’s sticker.

3. Only one ski may be used for the duration of the race unless, in the opinion of the referee, a replacement is warranted through irreparable damage. Provided a repair could not be made on the spot, but possibly later at the stopping point, competitors will be allowed to borrow skis.


All skis must be presented for inspection at the pre-race briefing.

5. CSA Sponsorship rules will be strictly enforced. Sponsorship of individual skis will be allowed, provided those sponsors do not conflict with the race sponsors and must be cleared first through the FENN Cape Point Challenge Committee.

6. Any competitor who rides in the wake of a motorised craft will be disqualified.

7. Competitors must wear the clothing provided if any.

8. Gloves may be worn.

9. Competitors will be allowed “seconds” to assist them on the beach. They should take care not to infringe the rules of the race by assisting competitors in the water.

10. Any paddler who receives physical support or physical assistance, or who enters one of the rescue craft, will be disqualified, with the exception of those doing so to repair their craft.

11. A time limit and distance may be announced at the referee’s discretion. 

12. Starting procedures and times will be announces at the referee’s discretion.

13. Finish will be between tow markers on the beach.

14. The referee or water referee may decide whether a competitor should be prevented from continuing the race at any time.

15. If wind speed exceeds 25 knots at Cape Point half an hour before the scheduled start, the race course could be altered.

Advertising and Sponsorship:

1. Each paddler shall wear a sponsor’s cap

2. Personal sponsorship is allowed