Cape Point Race Tips

With the Cape Point Challenge being predominantly an out and back paddle, you start at Scarborough, head SE to Cape Point, turn the Point and head NW to Fish Hoek.

So without stating the obvious, you will generally have 25km of headwind paddling and 25km of downwind paddling and hence the necessity to train accordingly.

Depending  on the wind, in NW conditions it will be downwind to Cape Point and straight into a headwind to Fish Hoek. While if the SE is blowing, the opposite applies.

See map on front page under the "Cape Point Challenge" tab

The general rule of thumb amongst the top paddlers seems to be that when training for this race, the weekly sessions tend to be interval based while the long paddle on the weekend should be an out-and-back paddle.

A typical weeks training could entail:

Mon- rest!

Tues - am: recovery paddle              pm: paddling timetrial

Wed - am:  intervals (med length)   pm: run (on your feet!)

Thur - am: intervals (short)             pm: rest

Fri - intervals (long)                        pm: rest

Sat - long paddle (2 hr + preferably out-and-back on the sea)

Sun - race (there is no subsitute for race practice!)

Looking for a personalised/group training programe for more info and contact details.